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Again to where the sea of??lights. Results of the George Ots Competition


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ST. PETERSBURG. In «Jaani Kirik» announced the names of the winners of the First vocal competition named Georg Ots.

Whatever profession the men in the Otls family could choose, each of them could not imagine his life without music. Which is not surprising: it is in the majority of Estonians in the blood. This is evidenced by the millennial traditions of run-chanting, and carefully preserved folk melodies that sound on grandiose open-air holidays along with classics, rock and jazz compositions.

Tonu Ots worked as a teacher for many years, served as a parish clerk and played the violin. Three sons completely shared the father’s passion. The youngest, Hans, worked as a joiner of the Kreenholmi manufaktuur in Narva and at the same time was the founder of the Ilmarine musical and theatrical society, the head of the choral collective of the Linen Mill, a pianist and organist. His son Kaarel (Karl), who had chosen the profession of dispatcher-telegraph operator on the railway, was transferred on duty from Narva to Petersburg. There he decided to listen to the call of the heart and entered the People’s Conservatory. After returning home, to Estonia, he connected his life with the National Opera «Estonia» (Rahvusooper Estonia), whose soloist was until the end of his days.

March 21, 1920 on the banks of the Neva in the family of Kaarel Ots and the teacher Lydia Wijkholm, the son Georg was born. In 1940 he became a student of Tallinna Tehnikaulikool (Tallinn Technical University), where he was going to get a profession of an architect. Fate decreed otherwise. Georg Ots, owner of a luxurious baritone with an amazing timbre, unforgettable Mr. X, became a singer, favorite performer of several generations.

The first International vocal competition named Georg Ots was held in St. Petersburg from July 17 to 22. The venue was chosen Lutheran-Evangelical Church of St. John, built in the middle of the XIX century by the architects Harald Bosse and Karl Ziegler von Schaffhausen to the donations of people from Estonia. Concert Hall «Jaani Kirik» with excellent acoustics is an ideal place for concerts of spiritual and classical music.

The level of Grand Prix for singers who took part in the First Contest was unattainable. There was not enough sincerity, sincerity, intelligence, something elusive, which created the magic image of the great singer. There is something to think about for future applicants of the prize of his memory. The most convincing was the participation in the contest of Konstantin Suchkov. The soloist of the Bolshoi Theater and the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, who recently successfully performed the part of Marcel in the new play by Theodore Courentis «La Boheme», was awarded the first prize. The second - from Alexander Shakhov from the Mikhailovsky Theater. Bronze - in the soprano Anastasia Barun, soloist of the youth opera program of the Bolshoi.

Again to where the sea of lights. The public is waiting...


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