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Cry of despair and hope for radical changes


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MOSCOW. In Corpus publishing a book by Anne Starobinets «Look at him.»

Copies of the book Anna Starobinets «Look at him,» published in mid-February this year - 2,000 copies. A negligible amount when the need is hundreds of times greater. She should go to the list of required reading for students of medical universities and professionals to increase skills, stand on a shelf in highly experienced bodies. In order to do something in this life began to change for the better. Starobinets - well-known journalist and writer, author of thrillers, tales, dystopia. Familiar to her horror genre suddenly invaded her own life because of the need to interrupt the desired pregnancy for medical reasons.

Learning about life incompatible with the diagnosis of the future child, attempted to investigate the situation, eliminate the possibility of error, Starobinets passed through the same hell that millions of her compatriots. Those that have to tolerate rudeness in antenatal clinics to rush in search of a good and sensitive doctor, who will help to cope with any problem or mitigate the impossibility of solving it. And in private clinics and in public institutions it had to face almost zero level of empathy, lack of psychosocial support and basic respect. Trauma women, losing a child, depression and broken homes are not included in the orbit of the interests of a considerable number of professionals working in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. In the German clinic where she went in the final phase of the sad history, it also does not leave a chance for a happy outcome. But do it as gently as possible, to help survive the loss, to avoid feelings of guilt, to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Other norms of communication with patients for there the Aesculapius does not exist.

Starobinets comes to the disappointing conclusion for domestic medicine. The highest professionalism, talent and selfless considerable number of doctors are not able to make a great soul of domestic medicine, and the heart - just. The lack of a systematic approach to the treatment of complex diseases often negates the efforts of individual genius. Book Starobinets - a cry of despair and hope for fundamental changes. And invaluable support to those who find themselves in such a tragic situation.


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