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A cry of despair and hope for a drastic change


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MOSCOW. In the Corpus publishing house Anna Starobinets’s book «Look at him» was published.

The circulation of the book by Anna Starobinets «Look at It», published in the middle of February this year - 2000 copies. A negligible quantity if you need hundreds of times more. It should be included in the list of compulsory literature for students of medical schools and specialists raising their qualifications, standing on the shelf of experienced luminaries. In order for something in this life to change for the better. Starobinets is a famous journalist and writer, author of thrillers, fairy tales, anti-utopias. Her usual horror genre unexpectedly invaded her own life due to the need to interrupt the coveted pregnancy for medical reasons.

Having learned about the incompatible with the diagnosis of the future child, having made attempts to understand the situation, to exclude the possibility of error, Starobinets went through the same circles of hell as millions of her compatriots. Those who are forced to tolerate rudeness in women’s consultations, to rush about in search of a good and sensitive doctor who will help cope with any problem or mitigate the impossibility of solving it. In both private clinics and public institutions, she had to face practically zero level of empathy, lack of psychological support and basic respect. The emotional trauma of a woman losing a child, depression and broken families does not enter the orbit of the interests of a considerable number of specialists working in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. In the German clinic, where she went to the final phase of the sad story, she also does not leave a chance of a happy outcome. But they do it in the most delicate way, helping to survive the loss, avoid feeling guilty, see the light at the end of the tunnel. There are no other norms of communication with patients for local Aesculapius.

Starobinets comes to disappointing conclusions for the domestic medicine. The highest professionalism, talent and asceticism of a considerable number of doctors are not able to make the soul of domestic medicine big, and the heart - fair. The lack of a systematic approach to the treatment of complex diseases very often negates the efforts of individual geniuses. The book Starobinets is a cry of despair and hope for cardinal changes. And invaluable support to those who found themselves in such a tragic situation.


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