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Theatrical murder against the background of reprisal. New book Yulia Yakovleva


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MOSCOW. The publishing house «Eksmo» released a new book on the investigation of Yulia Yakovleva bizarre murders in the early days of the Great Terror.

The question of why the art critic, columnist of Vogue and «Posters», the author of articles and books on ballet turns his gaze to the Stalin era, it seems somewhat rhetorical. A man of conscience, good writer who knows the true value of the printed word, inevitably comes to such a complex, bitter, requiring the utmost sincerity topics. He simply can not afford to be silent about the fact that an honest man is not able to ignore. Otherwise, there can be considered a real writer?

After «Children of the Raven», the first book of the cycle «The Leningrad tale», it became clear that the vector is selected by the author correctly. What about repression can speak, vesting in the narrative understandable for children fantasy, fairytale form without departing from historical truth. Heroes «stolen city» continue «Children raven» who survived the tragedy and absurdity of the late 30’s, trying to survive during the siege of Leningrad. Without parents, without help, without food. At a time when despair and crazy, even some adults, losing the human form, becoming marauders and cannibals, children need to survive and stay alive.

The detective novel «Suddenly the hunter runs out» Great Terror era is just beginning, although it would be better to say that it has not stopped since October 1917. The incredible vicissitudes of life of the protagonist, the investigator Vasily Zaitsev inseparable from the investigation of the murder of a group on the Elagin Island, strange, confused decorated with deliberate theatricality. Thicken the atmosphere of suspense and tension in the background gaining momentum flywheel of repression - suspense element, without which it is difficult to provide a good detective.


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