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The exhibition to the skirt of Kaluga artist Filipp Elgin opened in the hall of the Union of Artists


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KALUGA. The exhibition hall of the Kaluga Branch of the Union of Artists marked the centenary of the artist Philip Elgin with the opening of a large exposition of the master’s works. The exposition consists of about 200 works by the artist in different techniques and genres. The organizers of the exhibition noted that only a tenth of the artist’s works were found in the exhibition hall.

All his life, Filipp Nikolaevich was in creative search, creating watercolors, gouache, graphics. Each of the techniques is adequately presented in the exposition. The solid part of the exhibition hall is reserved for linocut, among which there are also color and black and white works.

For him, Kaluga became a native city only in the postwar years. His homeland was a distant Chita region, where from childhood he painted majestic landscapes of the taiga and the expanses of Transbaikalia. Living in Kaluga, the artist created memorable paintings with landscapes of Central Russia. On his account, many exhibitions - regional, all-Russian and international.

He possessed a rare ability to reproduce in his works the ever-changing states of nature. Even the meager graphics capabilities did not stop him from creating amazingly sunny and lyrical works. The artist managed to convey to the audience the innermost moments, peeped by him in the world around him.

Among the works of Philip Elgin, everyone can find the moment captured by the artist in his work, corresponding to the mood of the viewer and his taste. All the works exhibited at the exhibition were provided by collector Denis Girin from his collection. From his collection and labels for matchboxes, made according to the sketches of Philip Elgin.

To get acquainted with the works of the Kaluga artist it is possible till December, 10th.


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