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Works of Modigliani and artists of the Paris school at the exhibition in the Faberge Museum


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ST. PETERSBURG. In the Faberge Museum for the first time in Russia the works belonging to the brush of the artists of the Paris school are presented, which have become the real legends of Montparnasse, the famous Parisian district inhabited by art people. All works belong to the collection of the French entrepreneur Jonas Netter, who at the beginning of the twentieth century acquired works of still very young painters.

Jonas Netter was the first to discern the undoubted talent in their work. The exhibition begins with a meeting with the collector himself. His portrait, written by Moses Kisling, welcomes visitors to the exhibition. In the collection of Jonas Netter there is a significant number of works by this painter.

Among the 120 works of French artists are the names of Chaim Soutine, whose portrait of Modigliani’s work will be seen by visitors to the exhibition, Maurice Utrillo, Andre Derain, Suzanne Valadon, Maurice de Vlaminck. But the greatest interest of the guests of the museum is caused by works written by Amedeo Modigliani.

There are a significant number of them in the collection. The collector foresaw how high the artist’s work would be appreciated over time and in 1915 he signed a contract with him. Under his condition, Noether paid Modigliani 300 francs a month, and in return received all the canvases written by the artist during this time.

Mark Restellini, curator of the project. At the opening of the exhibition, he said that none of the world’s museums has such a large number of works by Modigliani in his fund. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see in the exhibition paintings that the artist himself considered masterpieces. The collection of more than seventy years was not shown to the public. Only a few years ago the meeting was seen by the inhabitants of Europe.

Russian connoisseurs of beauty will be available until March 25.


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