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A series of paintings "Field Kulikovo", created by Ilya Glazunov was brought to Chelyabinsk from the Tula Museum


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CHELYABINSK. The Museum of Fine Arts on October 12 presented the public with an exhibition of works from the cycle created by Ilya Glazunov, known under the name "Kulikovo Field". In total, the cycle, over which the People’s Artist of the USSR worked for many years, included about thirty works. Chelyabinsk will be able to see 22 paintings.

The works, placed in the museum’s art gallery, were delivered to Chelyabinsk from Tula, where they are in the collection of the regional art museum, which is also a historical and local lore museum. The transfer of this cycle of paintings to the Tula Museum is not accidental.

The reason for the appearance in Tula of works dedicated to the Battle of Kulikovo is weighty - it is on the territory of the Tula region that the place of the historic battle of the Russian army with the Tatar-Mongolian soldiers lies. The Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR acquired these paintings in 1982 from the author, and then they were handed over to the Tula Museum.

Work on the paintings of the cycle "Field Kulikovo" Glazunov began in the 60 years after studying the chronicles and legends, in which, according to the artist, was concluded the truth of life, supplemented with legends. With his works Ilya Glazunov wanted to give an opportunity to our contemporaries to come into contact with the events of the epoch that has become the great past of our Motherland, to feel the connection of generations.

Galina Medvedeva, curator of the exhibition, said that the work on placing the paintings was difficult. As the works tell about historical events, each of them should be assigned a place in such a way that a logical narrative is obtained. During the exhibition there will be a lot of general excursions.

Such excursions will arouse interest, both in connoisseurs of art and in connoisseurs of history.

You can visit the exhibition at the ChGMMI until December 13th.


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