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Residents of Veliky Novgorod first get acquainted with the work of Ilya Glazunov


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VELIKIY NOVGOROD. For the first time in Novgorod the exhibition was opened, representing the work of Ilya Glazunov. The first visitors came to the building of the Noble Assembly, where the Museum of Fine Arts is located, on April 14. In the halls of the museum an exhibition was opened, which included 40 paintings and graphic works for the exhibition by the gallery of Ilya Glazunov, People’s Artist of the USSR.

Before the Novgorod admirers of the talent of Ilya Glazunov, well-known works were performed by the national artist in different years. Many of the paintings included in the exposition are part of the famous cycles «Kulikovo Field» and «History of Russia». In a separate part of the exhibition there are illustrations by Ilya Glazunov to the works of Russian classics.

Continuation of the historical theme, which became the main in the work of the national artist, were works in which the master used religious subjects. Each painting written by Ilya Glazunov becomes a dedication to the Russian people, his history of spiritual life. His famous monumental composition «Eternal Russia» became the embodiment of the author’s awareness of the historical mission assigned to Russia.

Picturesque works, united in the cycle «Images of Russia», are known to everyone. Appearing in the light, they stunned the audience not only with the brightest images, but also with a special technique for the execution of these canvases.

Decorative paintings made with the inclusion of materials such as fabrics, pearls, metal and wood, recalls the traditions of ancient Russian icons. Included in the exhibition and landscapes, executed in a traditional manner. They are also filled with the unique beauty of the Russian land.

Acquaintance with the works of Ilya Glazunov will last until July 2.


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