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Exhibition of etchings by the artist Alexander Fedorov in the Chuvash Art Museum


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CHEBOXARY. The Art Museum of Chuvashia on September 5 presented the public with an exhibition of etchings created by Alexander Fedorov, Honored Artist of the Chuvash Republic. These unique works of the artist were created for the collection of the novel «Master and Margarita». A series of 25 etchings, over which Alexander Fedorov worked for two years, was ordered by the publisher of the novel Bulgakov, Alexander Danilov.

The book was published in February this year in the publishing house PiterOldBook with a circulation of only 30 copies, with illustrations signed by their author. The work was technically extremely complicated. To transfer to the special paper drawings created by the artist, it took several stages, each of which required not only skill, but also painstaking work.

It is unlikely that Alexander Fyodorov could cope with this work without the participation of another talented person - the amazing master of the press Alexander Mikhailov. In 2015, the exhibition of the artist was held, where he showed the public the first 6 etchings with characteristic portraits of the main characters.

At the exhibition opened, not only the gallery of portraits, but also the stories devoted to Yershalaim and Moscow. If you look closely at these works, then from these plots it becomes obvious that good always accompanies evil, that there is also a feedback between them.

The spectators were especially interested in the etchings «The End of the Bad Apartment», «The Ball», «The Seventh Proof». Present on etchings and images of Ivan Bezdomny and Styopa Likhodeev. The first spectators of these works of Alexander Fedorov were residents of the capital.

The exhibition was shown in the museum «Bulgakov House». Then they were shown in St. Petersburg. Now, before October 1, with a series of etchings, the countrymen of the artist will be able to get acquainted.


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