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"Under the mask of laughter" - a personal exhibition of Alexander Chuvashiv in Izhevsk


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IZHEVSK. The talented Izhevsk artist Alexander Chuvashev celebrated his 35th anniversary as a solo exhibition «Under the mask of laughter». For the artist this is the first solo exhibition presented to them in the prestigious exhibition space of Izhevsk - the Udmurt fly of fine arts.

Alexander Chuvashov in his work is universal. He creates picturesque and graphic works of various genres, devotes time for sculptural works. For the exhibition, located in the Udmurt Museum, the artist selected his new works created this year.

The name of the exhibition can be called a speaker, as the phrase «Under the mask of laughter» most people associate with the world of the circus, with the uneasy life of its artists. Indeed, visitors to the exhibition, when examining the works placed in the exposition, immerse themselves in the life of a circus that flows far from the eyes of spectators.

Alexander Chuvashev created his works in various genres - in the exposition next to expressive portraits, genre painting is presented. All works are united by subjects connected with the behind-the-scenes life of circus artists. Among the images that come to life in the artist’s paintings are gymnasts and clowns, animal trainers and their pets.

The talented painter has managed to show that the external brilliance and smiles inherent in circus art hide the enormous work of people dedicated to their life circus, their subtle and vulnerable personalities. There was a place in the exposition and images of animals written in the original author’s style. The artist empowers them with human emotions and qualities.

The world of the circus, depicted by Alexander Chuvashov, is out of time, there are no signs of a certain epoch. This is a reflection of the world behind the scenes, seen by the eyes of the artist.

The exhibition is open until mid-November.


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