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Exhibition of Aivazovsky in the Kiev Art Gallery


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KIEV. September 12 at the National Museum «Kiev Art Gallery» (Kiev, Tereshchenkovskaya, 9), the exhibition «Genius and the Sea. Traditions, searches, discoveries «timed to the 200th anniversary of the birth of IK Aivazovsky.

He entered the history of fine art as the unsurpassed singer of the sea. None of his contemporaries could show with such force and inspiration the greatness and beauty of the sea element. The artist had a sublime romantic outlook, conditioned by his favorite theme - the theme of the sea. It was not for nothing that in the popular imagination and literature the sea was identified with a sense of strength and power, freedom and infinite space, giving rise to a thirst for struggle and devotion.

However, no less important is that it was Aivazovsky who stood at the origins of the Ukrainian landscape, one of the first turned to the picturesque beauty of Ukrainian nature and rural life.

At the current exhibition are exhibited more than 60 works of painting and graphics of the XVIII-XX centuries. from the collection of the museum, which are united by marine themes. Also shown is the display of photographs of Aivazovsky’s paintings, museums lost during the Second World War and exhibits of the Sheremetev Museum, archival materials, photographs, various items on warships of the 19th century. and personal belongings of naval officers - the contemporaries of I. Aivazovsky.

Of course, a special interest is the museum collection of paintings by Aivazovsky, which consists of 18 paintings and drawings. All of them are united by a high level of performance and give an idea of the different periods of the artist’s creative activity. However, the organizers of the exhibition departed from the monographic and chronological display with a definite purpose. In each room next to the works of Aivazovsky are the works of famous or little-known masters, who were predecessors, disciples and followers of the great master. Such an approach visualizes steel traditions and continuity, searches and discoveries of seascapes for two centuries.

Among the interesting examples of the early period of Aivazovsky’s work are the beautiful landscapes «View on the Island of Capri» (1845) and «Arba in the Field» (1848). In the romantic canvas «Arba in the Field» the artist embodies the motives of his native Crimea and the steppes near Feodosia, familiar from childhood, with which the artist’s life was connected. The multi-faceted talent of the artist is evidenced by works with certain features of the domestic genre and not directly related to the theme of the sea: «A scene from Cairo’s life. On the terrace of the house and the general panorama of the city «(1881),» The Acropolis of Athens «(1887),» The Volga at the Zhiguli mountains «(1887),» Moving across the Neva «(1883). These canvases simultaneously are evidence of the artist’s unshakable love for travel, without which he did not represent his creative life.

The mature stage of Aivazovsky’s art is represented by the famous canvas «The Storm» (1872). Indicated impressive freedom, scope and at the same time much more restrained color, it indicates the evolution of the artist’s work.

The drawings by Aivazovsky, executed usually by mixed graphic technique, are perfect mastery: «Shtil» (1850), «Storm» (1850), etc.

The innovative style of painting, which in many ways outstripped its time, at the same time, was based on the traditions of the landscape of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, when Aivazovsky studied at the Academy of Art of Landscape Painting and had a fairly stable tradition. Presented at the exhibition works of artists of the XVIII - early XIX centuries. vividly characterize the features of the landscape of that time. These include, for example, the lunar view with romantic taste E. Novikov «On the shore of the Gulf» (1792), watercolors of the artist of the XVIII century. J.-B. de la Traverse, which he performed while traveling to the Crimea.

The theme of Italy - one of the most beloved in art - has connected different masters of painting. In the Italian landscape of Gay «Sorrento», hereditary ties with academic romantic traditions are felt and at the same time an independent force, its own emotional content.

Art Aivazovsky had a huge impact on the development of marine painters and Crimean themes. He created his traditions and school. The works of contemporaries, pupils and followers of the artist constitute an entire epoch in the development of the sea landscape and Crimean landscapes. To this group of works can be attributed beautiful landscapes: LF Lagorio «Crimean Landscape» (1886), AP Bogolyubov «The sequence on the beach. A-Todor «(1870), R. Sudkovsky» Transparent Water «(1879-1885), KF Bogaevsky» Koktebel Coast «, magical, transparent watercolors with Crimean species NA Voloshin.

The current exhibition is a continuation of a good tradition - comprehensive familiarization of visitors with a unique collection of the museum. The exhibition is a confirmation of the fact that real art has no barriers. Artists who turned to the reproduction of the unsurpassed beauty of the sea element, battles, various seas and different countries are understandable and attractive, even in our hard times, for the widest circle of spectators.


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