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"Two from the Street of the Literators" - an exhibition of St. Petersburg artists in the Museum. Erzie


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SARANSK. Until July 16 in the exhibition hall of the Museum. Erzi connoisseurs of art are waiting for a meeting with the work of two Petersburg artists - Vladimir and Andrew Vetrogonsky. The name, under which the exhibition is presented, appeared not accidentally. «Two from the Street of the Literators» - in this Petersburg street, located on the Aptekarsky Island, there is a workshop where the works presented in the exposition were created.

Originally, the workshop belonged to Vladimir Vetrogonsky, and now his small son, Andrei, works in a small one-story building. For students of the Institute. Repin, where Vladimir Alexandrovich headed the graphics department, the national artist of Russia was a legendary person.

Way into the profession Vetrogonsky began in the art school of the Academy of Arts. At the beginning of the war, he went to Samarkand, where the school was evacuated. Then the future master went to the front. The war for him ended on the Elbe. After returning to Leningrad, Vladimir Alexandrovich studied at the Institute. Repin, where he later worked as a teacher.

All the time, free from teaching, the artist devoted to creativity. His works are kept in the most important museums of the country, recognized as an artistic property of Russia. The younger son of the artist, Andrei Vladimirovich Vetrogonsky, became a follower of his father. He graduated from the graphic faculty of the Institute. Repin, but later gave preference to painting.

Most of his paintings are dedicated to St. Petersburg. On his canvases an image of a modern city comes to life, where the classical beauty of the famous landscapes of St. Petersburg appears to the audience in a more dynamic form. A significant place in the work of Andrei Vetrogonsky is occupied by rural landscapes.


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