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A unique exhibition of tactile paintings ’To see the invisible’ in the museum. Mashkova


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VOLGOGRAD. The Museum. Mashkov continues the project «See the Invisible», started in November last year in the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin. The next city where the unique art exhibition, intended for blind and visually impaired people, was presented was Kazan. In the capital of Tatarstan, its exposition was shown in March.

Residents of Volgograd will continue to get acquainted with the famous masterpieces from April 18, and the first visitors will come to the exhibition hall of the museum on April 17. In the evening of this day in the hall on the street. Chuikova will solemnly open the exhibition, which hosts six paintings by authors, known throughout the art world.

Usually visitors are forbidden to touch the works of art placed in museum halls, but this unusual exhibition contains tactile paintings created using special technology of relief printing. The basis of the first exhibition exhibits were paintings stored in the Pushkin Museum. Their photos were processed in such a way that blind people could tactfully perceive all the features of the image, important for the perception of the plot.

At this exhibition, blind people gain access to an area of art previously unavailable due to the peculiarities of their vision. If their acquaintance with the world’s masterpieces was limited to sculpture, then new technologies will allow visually impaired visitors to come in contact with paintings.

Botticelli, Henri Rousseau, Paul Gauguin, Pablo Picasso, Cranach the Elder, Chardin - this list of authors of paintings, now accessible to blind people, will further expand. In Volgograd, they were joined by a tactile copy of the work of Konstantin Makovsky, stored in the museum. Mashkov.

The exhibition «To see the invisible» will be opened in Volgograd on May 12, and then will go to Voronezh.


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