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In the Sochi Museum. N. Ostrovsky celebrated Cat Day with the opening of the exhibition of cat portraits


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SOCHI. Over one hundred portraits of representatives of the cat family, performed in a variety of art techniques, appeared before the visitors of the museum named after N. Ostrovsky, who came to the opening of the exhibition dedicated to Cat Day. The museum staff decided to join the congratulations addressed to the owners of furry pets to their pets.

By the Day of Cats, celebrated on March 1 «they prepared an exhibition, the name of which comes from a cartoon about the adventures of a cat walking» by itself «. The guests of the museum saw a whole gallery of «cat portraits», on which were presented amazing cats, cats and kittens. They were of a variety of breeds and colors, appeared before the visitors in the images of dreamers and gluttons, musicians and hooligans, thieves and fishermen.

Cats were in watercolor and pencil drawings, made of ceramics and porcelain, papier-mache and almost real cat-sculptures. In the creation of the exhibition took part and beginning artists. Many works were performed by students of art schools in Sochi.

A special interest of visitors to the «cat’s» exhibition was caused by a collection of works by the family of artists Bedrak. A special look of the artist, not indifferent to the fluffy pets, is able to discern them even in pebbles collected on the seashore. A few strokes with a brush on an ordinary-looking sea stone can turn it into a cat, comfortably arranged under the sun.

The participants of the exhibition were Sochi residents, who collect collections of images of cats. Part of the exposition is represented by exhibits provided by the owners of private collections. During the exhibition, open on March 28, there will be interesting events for the museum’s young visitors. There will be guided tours and master classes.


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