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Mark Alexei - Fortune and the Pauper

Mark Alexei - Fortune and the Pauper. 900 Classic russian paintings

900 Classic russian paintings: Mark Alexei - Fortune and the Pauper

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125.06.2010 • Bob (Гость)

Beautiful! Colors!!

215.07.2014 • Basant Mishra (Гость)

This painting is for the title of an old story of a pauper who was given gold coins by an angel. There was a condition that the pauper must take as much as his old tattered bag could hold. The greed took over his conscience and he asked for more and eventually tore down the bag and forfeited every piece of coin. The painting is worthy of the story. The artist has so painstakingly produced the details; he is praiseworthy for his earnest efforts.

319.08.2014 • Габдул (Гость)

чо то у нищего на морде нет выражения радости

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