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Vladimir Orlovsky - Kislovodsk

Vladimir Orlovsky - Kislovodsk. 900 Classic russian paintings

900 Classic russian paintings: Vladimir Orlovsky - Kislovodsk

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118.01.2011 • кристина (Гость)

Sunrise in the summer the early. From a touch of sun rays the nature clears up: cheerfully chirp birds, the foliage develops the palms to the sun, bright butterflies joyfully flit, there begin work ants, bugs. Fruits blush from contact with warm and tender beams. And grasses, eating terrestrial juice, gain in strength, rise to the sun.
To the middle of day the sun hangs in zenith, air is heated, therefore it is better to play shades or to bathe in a reservoir.
To evening of heat falls down. The sun was tired and leaves, gives way to early month. They some time are visible in the sky simultaneously. Then by a month the first stars gradually join, the sky becomes more dark, deeper. The easy breeze lulls foliage till a tomorrow"s dawn, a bird and day butterflies, bugs and ants hide, and on change by it moths and mosquitoes take off.

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