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Igor Dremin: Exhibition ’Bronze Princess’ in the exhibition hall ’Tushino’


Игорь Дрёмин
Фото-художник, журналист

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The exhibition of modern Buryat bronze plastics in Moscow is a long-awaited event for all connoisseurs of sculpture and arts and crafts.

Resonant exhibitions of the world-famous sculptor Dashi Namdakov determine interest in everything that is created in Buryatia, especially in sculpture. The art of bronze casting became a kind of brand of Buryatia. Its success is due to the preservation of the traditions of Buddhist sculpture and the pleiad of masters who own the ancient technology of metal processing.

The exhibition features more than 50 sculptures by Dashi Namdakov, Zandan Dugarov, Dmitry Budajabe, Gesar Zodboev, Tsydenzhap Tsyzhpov, young masters of Nadezhda Suponina, Pyotr Garmaev and others (20 participants). The exposition of bronze will complement the schedule of Buryat artists.


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