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Жорж де Латур - Женщина, ловящая блоху

Igor Dremin: ’The Whisper of Silence’


Игорь Дрёмин
Фото-художник, журналист

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The exhibition «The Whisper of Silence» by Vitaly Kopachev, Tanya Strelbitskaya, Elena Vecherina in the Studio LEGA.

«Whisper of Silence» is a world in itself that does not evoke any emotions, feelings, passions and the more joys. The world is for those who are already happy and happy, laughing at the expense of everything that could, prepared, suffered from silence, stirred up this nonsense - creativity. We rejoice with you, and that means - we live!

Exhibition of three without / conventional art-frozen authors: Capy / Strelbitskaya / Vecherina.


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