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What you need to consider when transporting works of art

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If in your collection there are works of art that have material or emotional value for you, make sure that their transportation is handled by specialists. Never trust valuable things to people who do not have experience with handling them. Even from a minor blow, the paint on the old canvas may crumble, the frame may break or the glass may break. For the same reasons, one should not be engaged in transportation of really valuable things.

But there are a few fairly simple and affordable ways to prevent damage. For example, if you are going to transport a painting, remove all metal fasteners from the frame, carefully remove the canvas and shift the felt between it and the frame - so you protect the sheet from scratches that the frame itself can cause during shaking, and potential damage from expansion or compression of the frame or canvases. Then, wrap everything in opaque wrapping paper. In this case, the paper must be labeled as non-acid.

The wrapped work is wrapped in a special bubble wrap and placed in a box that is slightly larger on all sides than the picture. In the formed space, polystyrene foam or an ordinary popcorn is poured, which can then be fed to the birds. (Pro popcorn is not a joke - it is environmentally friendly, and therefore quite suitable for our purposes). To transport a picture it is necessary in the same position in which it hangs on a wall.

If the picture is behind the glass - it is better to fix it with adhesive tape, applying it so that in case of damage, the glass does not break and does not harm the picture. Then, the stains from the tape should be carefully removed, and here you also need to be careful - a couple of chemical solvents can harm the canvas. Therefore, remove traces of tape only with hexane or mineral spirits applied to a cotton swab. If you are not sure that you can do everything right - find professionals at , who will be able to take all the trouble to transport your masterpieces to yourself. But make sure that transportation will occur in one day (if possible), so that paintings and other works of art are not stored in a warehouse, the humidity on which will not meet the required standard.