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Фредерик Лейтон - Римлянка


Variety and application of street paints

04/04/2017 Modern people are increasingly thinking about their existence, so more time devotes to moral satisfaction. Life is very interesting thing, it can be varied, the main thing is to understand your goal in it and enjoy every moment. The streets of any city differ in their atmosphere, colors and architecture.

All you need to know about pastel

05/03/2016 Artists and newcomers, trying to find the right pastel among many of its species, it sometimes seems as if the producers specifically want to confuse them. In fact, there is a soft, solid and chalk pastels, and pastels, crayons Conte and pastel pencils. How do they differ and for which works are suitable?

SketchBook Autodesk - the best drawing application on Android

09/09/2015 SketchBook Autodesk - application for creating digital paintings and illustrations using the tools of the professional level and at the same time, with a very simple and intuitive user interface.

The correct choice of printer for high-quality photo prints and paintings

17/02/2015 Most recently, printing photos at home did not meet the required quality of the picture and was quite expensive. Therefore, the solution was to appeal to the photo lab, where experts print color images.

The variety and choice of colors for painting

08/02/2015 Each person is different, including artists. All artists create their work on their own way, someone writes a bright and saturated colors, someone more like gentle and muted shades, and some otchekanivayut each stroke.

Materials and tools for the artist

08/02/2015 The world around us changes every second, so the work of contemporary artists do not look at the pictures of their predecessors.

The correct choice of artistic brushes

21/12/2014 How did it perfectly admire the artistic masters painting and suggest ideas, ideas and state of the author. This work of art is always fascinating and amazing.

First-class Framing Workshop: jobs and materials

08/09/2014 Baguette has become part and parcel of the modern interior. Using it in the decor, you can achieve the uniqueness of any room. It is used as a decoration, addition to the existing elements of the decoration of the room.

What should be taken into account during transport of works of art

02/07/2014 If you have collection of works of art that have material or emotional value to you, make sure that they were engaged in the carriage of experts.

How to decorate furniture plywood?

25/08/2013 Stopped like a wardrobe? Tired of the table? Nightstand seems too familiar and old? All these problems can be easily solved.

Modern print giclee against traditional lithography

18/05/2013 In recent years increasingly popular so-called art giclee print (from the French. Le gicleur - nozzle spray).

Materials for Oil Painting

18/03/2012 To begin the story of the materials used for writing, oil paintings need, of course, from the canvas. Typically, a quality product of this type is manufactured from flax, but in this case the canvas is sufficiently high price.

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