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Джон Уильям Уотерхаус - Цирцея

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1. Reverse search of painting based on your provided file

Maybe you like the picture, but you do not know who the author or you have a picture of poor quality or small size, and you would like to find a higher quality reproduction. You can try to find pictures that are similar to yours. To use this tool to copy the address pattern in this field: (address is in the address bar of your browser)

For example: http://site.ru/pictures/image.jpg

... or upload a file from your computer:

At the moment, only static images are processed in the jpg format. Search goes on the images on this site and in several online galleries of paintings. This is an experimental tool, it does not guarantee 100%-percent results, but we are working to improve the quality of his service.

The number of paintings in the index database: 169 311

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Here you can enter the name of the picture or name of the artist.

For example: Pushkin

Note that many of the paintings and artists have named in the gallery not in English. Search for images on the site gallerix.ru. Minimum length of query - 4 letters.

The number of paintings in the index database: 169 311

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