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The "Shakespeare’s Night" theater in Veliky Novgorod closed the festival "Live Shakespeare"


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VELIKIY NOVGOROD. The premiere of the performance "Shakespeare’s Night" staged by director Nadezhda Alexeeva, the Novgorod theater "Maly" finished the festival "Live Shakespeare". The festival events held in Veliky Novgorod consisted of a variety of cultural events that began on September 19.

Among them were intellectual games in which participants competed in the knowledge of works written by a great playwright. Actors of the Maly Theater came to the radio station Silver Rain with the reading of Shakespeare’s creations. Designers and artists of Veliky Novgorod, in preparation for the premiere of "Romeo and Juliet", created posters for the play.

The premiere of the famous tragedy in the scenic reading of director Nadezhda Alekseeva was held at the Maly Theater on October 21, becoming the central event of the festival. Even before the premiere in the theater began to work "Juliet’s Mail." In a special mailbox, the organizers of the event collected letters with explanations of love addressed to Shakespeare’s heroine. When the box was full, all the letters with the accompanying person were sent to Verona.

Now the play about love, which has filled the theater’s repertoire, will not only be a magnificent performance, but also a reminder of the Shakespeare Festival. The premiere of "Shakespeare’s Night", which took place on November 24 and 25, took place on the night stage of the Maly Theater. An unusual performance was a real gift for connoisseurs of English classics.

The production united the characters of several Shakespeare plays that met on the same stage. The theme for milestones is the general lack of freedom of a person. The meeting with the characters lasted a little over an hour. All the artists of the theater became participants of the performance. The action took place under the sound of live music.

"Shakespeare’s Night" was the result of a large cultural event in the city.


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