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Lipetsk theater "Compromise" presented the premiere of the play "We do not need anyone"


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LIPETSK. Founded in May this year Lipetsk Theater "Compromise" its first work showed in June. The premiere of the young theater was a performance based on the works of S. Dovlatov - "March of the One-legged." Complex scenic material was warmly received by the audience and was highly appreciated by literary critics.

Writer and critic Alex Kolobrodov noted that young artists were able not only to say a lot about the time of events affected in Dovlatov’s prose, but also to convey Dovlatov’s special style in his life and art.

November 18 actors of the theater "Compromise" presented the audience a second premiere. The new work of the young theater was a play in which diary entries and poems by Boris the Red, a poet from Yekaterinburg, were used. He tragically died at the age of 26, having become famous as a "chronicler" of the life of the nineties, who managed to show the life of people who still believed in the onset of a bright future.

The play by the poet’s works, presented to the audience under the title "Nobody needs" was created by Boris Bujor, the founder and artistic director of the new Lipetsk theater. All the events of the play, where comedy situations have tragic shades, occur in a small provincial town, where people of different destinies gathered in the park of culture.

There has already come a post-Soviet time, many not understood and not accepted. At the old park stage fate brought together a former "brother" and a former teacher, a virtuoso bayanist and an informal - a fan of perestroika, a ticket-taker, who believes that her efforts are capable of saving the collapsing economy. In the play, which evokes nostalgic memories, many favorite songs, dances and music.

In the immediate plans of the theater, the play "The Fifth Column," written by Hemingway.


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