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Classics of Soviet cinema. "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle"


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Probably, all Russians at least once in their lives watched the famous film "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle", which tells about hard military times. Leonid Bykov, the director and actor, who played the main role here, received for this remarkable story the prize of the 7th All-Union Film Festival. It is considered one of the best military epics and tells of the life and exploits of one regiment of fighter pilots.

The main characters were written off from real soldiers. The prototype of all the beloved Grasshopper, the most memorable character, was twice Hero of the Soviet Union Vitaly Ivanovich Popkov. He, like the character, was underage, so he could only come to the regiment by deception. When the lie was revealed, he was removed from the flights. But during the attack he jumped into someone’s plane and heroically knocked down an enemy fighter. To create scenery during filming, documentary films were taken, shot before the war and during the fighting. As a result, the film turned out to be very reliable.

Marshal Aviation Alexander Pokryshkin was amazed at how realistic it was to convey the atmosphere of those days. He struggled with emotions, admiring the realism of the plot. Immediately after the release of the "Old Men" they acquired extraordinary popularity.

Recently the cinema was "painted" thanks to modern technologies. Now TV viewers are presented with a color version of their favorite film story. Not all old Soviet films fall for colorization. But he simply had to make a color. The fact is that before the shooting Leonid Bykov struggled to get a color film. However, in those days it was in short supply, so it was necessary to shoot black and white. The "coloring" of the film took about half a million dollars. But it was worth it. When coloring specialists faced unprecedented difficulties. There are many such details in the story, in which it is difficult to guess the color. Therefore, after the "coloring" was coming to an end, it turned out that the epaulettes were incorrectly drawn. To admit with such oversight the story on TV screens was impossible, because it is a badge on the uniform of Soviet soldiers. I had to redo more than half of the finished work. When the film was shown on the central channels in a color version, Bykov’s daughter rebelled. She stated that this is a copyright infringement, and was going to sue TVers. Most of those who watched the film, but, more precisely, almost everything, believe that the changes have benefited the picture, since the color version only improves the film’s realism.

1943, there is a liberation of Ukraine from the fascist troops. The second squadron of the regiment of fighter pilots is actively involved not only on the battlefield, but also in cultural events. Its composition is famous for its excellent singers and musicians. Each of them receives an unusual nickname, which subsequently becomes a call sign. Young inexperienced pilots, who were barely eighteen years old, could only take off and land. Grasshopper got his nickname, because he mischievously caught insects. One of the soldiers became the "dark-skinned" by the name of the song, which he sang. Romeo was famous for its courtship for the girls. The maestro played by Leonid Bykov was the eldest and directed the choir. In the first attack, despite the young age, Grasshopper picks up the enemy aircraft and proves its professional suitability. Young guys, ready to lay down for their native Soviet Union, were courageous, courageous, courageous and courage, no less than the "old men".

The images of beautiful girls, which immediately make an indelible impression, are very well written out in the picture. They do not forget to take care of themselves, prettify themselves for pretty heroes, but at any moment they are ready to enter into battle with the enemy. During the war people were just as happy about life, they sang, danced, fell in love, loved, experienced. But at the same time, they defended their homeland, smashed the enemy, went under bullets and took risks.

The vivacity of young guys can only be envied. Despite the constant whistling of bullets and close danger, they joked, etched jokes, teased and played friends. The song, performed by the choir of the second squadron, is still sung by the whole country. She is now associated with Leonid Bykov, with military times, with fighter pilots and our quick victory.

The film "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle" does not leave anyone indifferent. The plot of this film story touches the most hidden strings of the soul. After watching, there remains a feeling of pride for his people, compassion for the soldiers, grief for the dead fighters. The film is saturated with positive emotions and patriotism. Each hero is an individuality, for each - a lump in the throat and pain in the chest. These fighters represent an example for imitation of modern young people, they are all - continuous patriotism, which is so lacking in the current youth.


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