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The stories of great creators: the best films about cult artists


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Why one person can create a masterpiece, the other one is not even able to understand where the best artists seek their inspiration, what they have to pay for glory and universal recognition. The creators of the films presented in this collection tried to answer all these questions.

Vincent and Theo

About what: about the formation of a great talent, which was destined to turn the world around. Vincent goes to the village to find out himself and find inspiration, while his brother Theo struggles to provide a family by selling paintings in the gallery. But soon the talent of Van Gogh will blossom, conquer the whole world, and all will begin in Paris, in a small gallery, in a family with their problems.

Who should watch: for all who are interested in the origins of the great talent, the early years of Van Gogh’s life, his family history.


What: the collision of two completely different artists, who will not only solve the common problem, but also save their lives, find their place in the new world. The country embraces revolutionary moods, life changes with unimaginable speed. Malevich builds his empire of the future, creates a new army of artists. Chagall followed his own path, which seemed to be completely out of place in this new cruel world.

To whom to look: to everyone who is interested in this difficult and simultaneously amazing period in the domestic art, in the history of the country.


About what: about the great talent, which never had time to reveal itself in full, about the combination of genius and vice, about strength and weakness. The artist literally dies in New York, painting his extraordinary paintings in between the months in alcohol oblivion. His colleague Lee managed to consider the talent and put his whole life, career, destiny at his feet. In the wilderness Pollock manages to recover for a short time and this is enough to promote the world art for centuries to come.

To whom to look: to all those who know the sense in abstraction and those who can not yet understand the origins of modern art with its bizarre forms.


About what: a genius who was not accepted by the upper world, but fell in love with bohemia with its tragedies and a desperate desire to live and love. He is a talented artist with an extraordinary appearance. He closed the entrance to the salons and the best restaurants, the opera and the ballet society. But before him the backstage of the best cabaret, the most unusual galleries and mysterious shows are open. And it is this closed, full of contradictions that the world finds embodiment in the paintings of the master.

Who to watch: those who want to discover something new in art, as well as lovers of beautiful films in the style of French chic.

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