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Take over the ridge, patiently endure the tests and survive in Kansk


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KANSK. The results of the 16th International Video Festival have been summed up.

Post-perestroika era has changed many fates, helped to host a lot of successful projects. The only obstacle for the ambitions and imagination of creative people could be perhaps a lack of money. The festival of avant-garde cinema in the Krasnoyarsk Territory is a child of this amazing time. People who found it and took place in it, can only quote the golden-haired classic: «I now have become less eager in desires. My life, or did you dream to me? «.

The idea of holding an alternative film forum in Siberia «threw» the director Andrei Silvestrov, who found on the map almost the namesake of the famous French resort. Toponymic coincidences are all limited. The Siberian city, which is in need of major repairs and considerable investments, lives with other problems than the pearl of the Cote d’Azur. However, a team of enthusiasts in the person of Pavel Labazov and Nadezhda Bakuradze decided: the festival in Kansk be. Informal, without pathos and cliches, fearless to experiment and creative search. Since 2002, a lot of interesting guests have visited here, a lot of wonderful films have been shown, new monuments have appeared.

Despite the financial difficulties, the destruction of art objects, vigilance, hostility of part of the local population in relation to contemporary art, the festival survived. Standing and creative «Palm Alley». The organizers, who once took to the hogs, are ready, like Chekhov’s Sonya, to work for others and patiently endure the trials that fate will send them.

At the end of August, the next Cannes festival ended, the program of which included 23 paintings from different countries. The main award of the XVI film forum - «Golden Palm Secateur» - went to the South Korean band Girl at the door («The girl behind the door»). The scriptwriter and director of the 12-minute short film, Song Chu-sung (Song Joosung), touched upon the actual topic of domestic violence. The surrender of women often contradicts common sense and the instinct of self-preservation. Resignedly resigning to the tricks of a domestic tyrant, they expose themselves to the blow and their own children. The young heroine, unlike her mother, does not like the role of a live «pear». Therefore, she works off painful techniques to rebuff an aggressive drunkard father.

The film from Germany Atlas of the Wounded Buildings («Atlas of the wounded buildings») Tadeusz Tischbein (Thadeusz Tischbein) - in second place. The main idea: the wounds left by bullets on the walls of old buildings can tell a lot about the history of Europe, remind people who died during the war. It’s important not to miss, to note, to archive. Ethan Folk (Ethan Folk) from Seattle, the author of experimental paintings and installations, was awarded the third prize for «Vernae», investigating the nature of violence. A special prize from the general sponsor went to the picture «Update / Delete» of the Russians Grigory Kalinin and Alexei Ilyin about a man getting in the field of vision of modern gadgets.


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