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Educating a viewer-like-minded person and creating a free cultural environment


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PERMIAN. Grand Prix «Flahertiana-2017» was given to «Calabria» by Pierre-Francois Sote.

The notion of a «cultural province» is now almost an anachronism, convenient only to inert skeptics. You can live in the capital among the monuments of history in the neighborhood of a dozen museums and do not feel the need to go there. Or to have access to huge resources, material and human, and to receive at the output a miserable vampuku. And you can go to the Urals, collect like-minded people and create a history of classical music, as did Courentsis. The recent triumph of MusicAeterna in Salzburg, the ovation and gratitude of the kind of audience for the opening of the «new» Mahler and Mozart makes us once again think about the inconsistency of geographical criteria.

The experimenter Kurentzis glorifies Perm at the best concert and theatrical venues in the world. Film director and producer Pavel Pechonkin created in 1995 a festival that opened this city for fans of non-feature films. It all began much earlier, in 1987, with the first independent film studio founded by him in the Urals. «A new course» was shot several dozen films of different genres, with him successfully collaborated well-known filmmakers.

The Premier Cinema - the main site of the Flaherthiana - continues the tradition of the film club movement of the late 1980s, informal meetings of the filmmaker Vladimir Samoilovich, who introduced the Perm people to many «shelf» masterpieces. This is also a comfortable space for getting acquainted with the latest novelties of the author’s cinema, retro-dresses, children’s films. This is the venue for festivals, lectures, discussions and meetings with filmmakers. This is the media education project «Perm Cinematheca», which guarantees equal opportunities for intellectual development regardless of the place of residence.

Pavel Pechonkin and his team are engaged in so-called social therapy, the organization of film screenings in the adaptation of pupils of orphanages, prisoners. In the formation of an accessible cultural and leisure environment for visually impaired people, the organization of sessions with tifflocmenting is facilitated by participation in the project «Seeing the Heart», the state program «Barrier-Free Environment 2011-2020».

The views of the founder of the Flahertiana and the artistic director of the opera match art, as well as the main goals: the formation of an environment in which all conditions for free creativity and information exchange are created. Where tolerance is not a swear word, but the internal culture, the ability to think and the presence of one’s own opinion are the qualities that society encourages.

Efforts undertaken by Pechonkin and his team over the past 20 years in educating the like-minded viewer are bearing fruit. Interest in documentary films demonstrating the «pure cut of real life», among residents of Perm of different ages is very large. The notice at the time of his demonstration is not uncommon. What can we say about the competitive shows «Flahertiana».

The XVII festival was generous to the guests (more than 120 people) and spectators (about 15,000). Within its framework, a media education forum was held with the participation of employees of the Ministry of Education of the region, the first international pitching took place. Awards also found their heroes.

Calabria («Calabria») Pierre-Francois Saute (Sauter Pierre-Francois) received the Grand Prix and the «Big Golden Nanook». A touching story about the journey of two funeral home employees, who took to deliver the coffin to the homeland with the body of a reassured emigrant, who once went to work in Switzerland. The prize of sympathy of spectators - at the Russian of the graduate of VGIK Eugeny Khovaev. His «Competition» tells about the dramatic pages of the last Tchaikovsky competition, the duel of four outstanding pianists - Dmitry Maslayeva, Luca Debarga, Lucas Geniushas and George Lee.

«Silver Nanook» - from the «Grown-Ups» Chilean filmmaker, Maite Alberdi (Maite Alberdi). The film, which reveals the theme of adaptation of people with Down syndrome in modern society, aroused great interest and sincere sympathy of the audience. Another «Silver Nanook» - at the «Zone of Franc» George Lazarevsky.


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