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In the position of the stepsons, or the fate of the author’s cinema in Russia


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TAMBOV. The results of the audience voting at the IX festival of author short films «Artkino» are summed up.

Author’s cinema in Russia has a difficult destiny. The situation is not a favorite child, who is spoiled and protected, but a stepson. He is tolerated, observing decency, but if possible put in a corner and allocate funds to ensure his need for a residual principle. There is no sufficient and constant support from the state, a distinct rental policy, an effective strategy for promoting and popularizing festival ribbons. However, a layer of cinephiles ready for experiments on the screen, and directors capable of them, managed to form in the pre-crisis years. To influence this will not be possible either toughening of censorship, nor recommendations in the choice of «pass-through» themes, nor green light, conducive to the demonstration of «pseudo-life» on TV channels.

Interest in the author’s cinema, the «skill» to watch it must be formed at an early age. The experience of Western countries is evidence of this. Full halls on views of art house paintings, sincere interest in them, a sufficient number of sessions do not arise from scratch. The experience of Western countries is proof of this. English teenagers are studying the aesthetics of cinema and its history even in school, and Swedish is guaranteed the possibility of subsidizing their first film experiences without bureaucratic delays.

Understand that the film’s impoverished without this compound, not always recognized by the inexperienced eye of paint, not all are capable. A five-million renter for obtaining a rental certificate is feasible except for advertised blockbusters and may prove to be an insurmountable obstacle to the normal development of this segment of the film industry.

Festivals in this situation become the most important platform open to alternative art, fresh ideas and a free speech. Sometimes only here you can see interesting, ignored by the rental news. Here, independent authors can declare themselves. «Artkino», which shows short films of different genres - one of them.

Tambov Youth Theater hosted the second stage of the IX festival, which started in October last year. It will end on September 24. According to the results of the audience vote, the first place was taken by Alexander Korolev’s debut film «Forgotten» about the relationship of people with hearing impairments. Earlier he was recognized as the best play film at the festival «Saint Anna» and received the Grand Prix at the II International Motion Picture Film Festival BRIDGE of ARTS. The actors of the theater «Nemoslov» took part in the shooting.

Second place in the picture «I close my eyes» to Andrei Taratukhin, director, screenwriter, actor. Her world premiere took place at the Cottbus festival in Germany. Music was written by Cyril Richter. In second place was the work of Andrei Taratukhin «I close my eyes.» The third one is from the «Registrar» Darya Razumnikova about the desperate deed of a romantic woman in the registry office.


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