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In the first time, the International Festival of Small Forms ’Mizanscena’ was opened in Donetsk


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DONETSK. In Donetsk, the opening of the First International Festival «Mizanscene», the participants of which brought performances of small forms to the east of Ukraine. To gather the participants of the festival, the opening of which took place on the Small Scene of Donetsk Muzdrama on September 18, was made possible thanks to the active support of the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Democratic Republic and the head of the unrecognized republic, Alexander Zakharchenko.

The hosts of the festival were the artists of the Donetsk Music and Drama Theater, who provided for the «Misansenna» the Small and New scenes of their theater space. To participate in the festival in Donetsk came representatives of theater groups from Vologda, Bryansk, Yoshkar-Ola and Moscow.

Over the coming week, viewers will see 11 performances, representing a variety of theatrical genres. In the festival poster there is a dramatic story, a musical performance staged as a confession, a solo performance. The opening ceremony of the «Misansenna» continued with the play «The Assassin», shown by Russian drama artists. Konstantinova, who came to Donetsk from the Republic of Mari El.

The plot of the play, written by the playwright Molchanov, is dedicated to the life of the youth, however, the performance became interesting for spectators of all ages. The problems of today’s young people are not much different from those that arose sometime in those who today represent the older generation of spectators. According to the special guest of the festival, the director of the drama theater from Yoshkar-Ola Sergei Moskovtsev, the time has changed, but the experiences have remained the same.

The same evening, the audience saw two more performances presented by artists from Moscow. In the Small Scene, actress Anna Troyanskaya from the theater «Museum of Man» presented a solo performance «Old Woman Izergil», and the audience of the New Stage saw the work of the theater «Fourth Wall» - «Biography».


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