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"Tea drinking in Mytishchi" - the 7th International Puppet Theater Festival


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Mytischi. For the fifth time in the Moscow region Mytishchi, the International Festival opened, which brought together puppet theater artists. At the opening of the festival, called «Tea Party in Mytischi», there were not only its participants, this time they came from eight countries. In the square in front of the theater of dolls «Ognivo» came the audience, who were eagerly awaiting the premiere of the performance «The Prayer Prayer».

With this performance, the actors of the «Ognivo» theater opened a puppet theater festival, during which the audience will see 25 performances. Usually puppet theaters are considered a place for performances of plays for children. However, in most puppet theaters there are many performances intended for adult audiences.

So the hosts of the festival, the puppet theater «Ognivo», presented their work with a play based on the famous play by Gorin, telling about the strength of the spirit of people able to overcome any hardships of their life. In the events taking place on the stage, puppets and live actors participate equally. Performances for the adult audience were also brought by artists from Grodno, Orenburg, Ulyanovsk and other cities.

The opening of the festival turned into a real holiday. The building of the theater «Ognivo» was decorated with flags of countries whose representatives came to show their creativity. The solemn ceremony, which opened the festival, was accompanied by the performance of drummers. They showed their unique art and artists on huge stilts. Then the participants of the festival entered the building of the theater to the sound of fanfare.

With a greeting to the participants of «Tea Party in Mytischi» asked Victor Azarov, the head of Mytishchi district. He wished them inspiration and success, and the audience - a vivid impression. Meetings with artists of puppet theaters will last until September 20.


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