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"Alexandrinsky" festival was opened with the performance of the Lithuanian National Theater "Heroes' Square"


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ST. PETERSBURG. The first day of autumn was the start of the international festival «Alexandrinsky». For the first time this theatrical holiday was held in 2006, when the festival «Alexandrinka» celebrated its 250th anniversary. Over these years, the «Alexandrinsky» festival deservedly received the status of an authoritative theater show in Europe.

Thanks to the festival, the spectators of Petersburg got an opportunity to get acquainted with the leading directions of the national theatrical art of different countries of the world. The festival program is accompanied by performances created by the works of the classics, with modern drama. In the poster of the theatrical forum the names of world directors and directors who only make their way to the theatrical Olympus are presented.

The first performance of the project will be the play «Heroes’ Square», presented by the Lithuanian National Theater. It was put by Christian Lupa, a famous Polish director, whose work is firmly connected with the Old Theater of Cracow. Everyone will be able to attend a creative meeting with the famous Polish master. It will be held on September 2 at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky.

During the festival there will be so many interesting events that it will not be possible for even the most dedicated theatergoers to attend. For the first time, festival participants will be artists from Egypt. They will show the performance «The Last Supper» staged by the director from Cairo Ahmed Elb Attar. On the New Stage, the artists of the theater «Praktika» will show their creativity. Moscow actors brought to the festival four performances from their repertoire.

The hosts of the festival will present their new work - «Optimistic tragedy. Farewell ball «. The premiere of the performance, staged by Viktor Ryzhakov, will take place on September 19 at the main stage of the «Alexandrinsky».


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