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The festival of street theaters ’Theatrical Yard’ was opened in Tula


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TULA. Magnificent weather has become a pleasant bonus, attracted a huge number of people wishing to join the theatrical art. For the ninth time, theater groups came to Tula, uniting the artists, for whose performances there is no need for luxurious halls. By tradition, born many centuries ago, these artists show their creativity on the streets and squares of the city. Their viewers do not need comfortable chairs, becoming part of the play.

«Theater Yard» - which became a traditional street theater festival in Tula, more and more participants come to it every year. For the first time «Theatrical Yard» gathered guests and spectators in 2011. Since the first festival days, the festival of street theaters has gained admirers. Spectators took unique performances enthusiastically.

The following «Theater Courtyards» became international forums. Artists of not only the former republics came to share their work in Tula. Tula viewers got an opportunity to get acquainted with performances of street actors who came to the festival from European countries.

The festival of street theaters, which started on July 18, acquired an unprecedented scale. The organizers of the festival, the main of which was traditionally the municipal theater «Hermitage», estimated that this year 53 participants from the «Theater Courtyard» representing 8 countries, among them artists from 10 Russian cities. Only from Tula in the festival participate 10 collectives.

As always, the events of the festival began with a carnival procession - the participants of the «Theater Yard», accompanied by the theatergoers, moved with incendiary music from the Main Post Office in the direction of the main square of the city. The festival was opened by the performance of the drummers - the Spanish collective «Brincadeira».


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