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In the Primorsky Theater. Gorky will soon begin a new theatrical season


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VLADIVOSTOK. At a time when the artists of most of the Russian theaters just went on vacation, the Primorsky Theater. Gorky began to prepare for work in the new season. At the meeting of the troupe, which took place on July 24 in the regional drama theater, they recalled events connected with the tour of the theater in Moscow, discussed plans for the upcoming anniversary season.

There were also congratulations on the occasion of the significant events that took place in the life of artists. The new season this year will start much earlier than usual. The first spectators will come to the theater already on August 18 to see the play «Edith Piaf,» which premiered in May. Yefim Zvenitsky, artistic director of the theater, noted the success of the performances shown by the Primorsky Drama during the capital tours.

Two performances presented to the capital’s viewers will now be possible to see not only in the theater. The performances of «The Wall» and «The Cruiser», created in the theater. Gorky, were filmed in the form of TV versions of 3D format. During the forthcoming film festival «Meridians of the Quiet» a special show of the film «The Wall» will take place.

Efim Semyonovich reminded the team that in the near future they will have to prepare students of the Institute of Arts for their participation in the performance «Memorial Prayer», also visited on tour in Moscow. Approximately in the second decade of September will be filming the TV version and this production. Therefore, the introduction of new participants into the play will begin in the near future.

During the collection, the art director presented gratuities to the members of the troupe from the Ministry of Culture, but the most significant award - an honorary diploma and a commemorative medal was waiting for actor Valentin Zaporozhets. He received a prize from the Russian government for the excellent performance of the role of midshipman Panafidin in the play «The Cruiser.»


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