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The Kursk Drama Theater hosted the dress rehearsal of the play ’A Month in the Village’


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KURSK. The most devoted admirers of the Kursk Drama Theater managed to see the new director’s work of Yuri Bure, artistic director of the collective. He turned to the work of Turgenev, putting on the play «A Month in the Village.» The premiere is scheduled for the beginning of the new season, all lovers of Russian classics will see the Turgenev heroes on October 7.

The audience always lovingly treat the Russian classics, and the play based on the play by Turgenev is expected with great impatience, since they have not seen Turgenev’s works for several decades. Therefore, giving the opportunity to get to the dress rehearsal of the «Month in the Village» was a great gift for fans of the Kursk drama.

The performance is filled with love passions. In the situations that have arisen, the heroes of the play are checked for the strength of the relationship. Only love triangles in the play there are three. In addition to these problematic relationships, in the feelings of the heroes representing couples, passion also seethe. Although Turgenev attributed his play to the comedy genre, the director announces his production as a «ruthless romance.»

The actors of the Kursk drama, engaged in the play, talk about the play «A Month in the Country» as a difficult work, work on which was not easy. There are no visible conflicts, life in a small village at first sight seems boring. However, the internal passions that boil in the life of the heroes of the play make the events taking place in the play very tense.

In addition to the plot collisions, the audience will see the magnificent scenery and costumes of the characters. To sink into the atmosphere of the time in which the heroes of the play lived, the audience will be helped by Russian romances popular in the 19th century that sounded from the stage.

In the upcoming season of spectators a meeting with Chekhov, Shakespeare, comedies of «Primadonna» and «Alien child» is waiting.


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