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Theater ’Et Cetera’ in the framework of ’Big Tours’ brought to Khabarovsk five performances


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KHABAROVSK. The Metropolitan Theater Et Cetera opened the program of its «Big Tour» in Khabarovsk with the play «The Storm» staged by the outstanding director Robert Sturua. In this performance, the head of the theater - Alexander Kalyagin - appeared on the stage of the Khabarovsk Drama Theater. He played the role of the wizard Prospero.

At a press conference, Kalyagin shared his impressions of Khabarovsk viewers, whose meeting with the theater «Et Cetera» was held for the first time. He appreciated the gratitude of the audience already at the first performance, which ended with a long applause. The audience stood up and expressed their admiration for the performance with real ovations.

Robert Sturua embodied on the stage all the famous plays of Shakespeare, in each of which the director made something of his own. In the new production of «The Storm» he used modern special effects, thanks to which the scene turned into a bewitching spectators world, headed by a powerful magician.

At a press conference Kalyagin said that in his theater he does not interfere in the director’s work. For staging performances in the theater are invited to the outstanding, talented filmmakers. As a result, plays of various genres appear on the light. The People’s Artist noted that many of the performances in the repertoire of «Et Cetera» are not in other theaters.

Kalyagin reminded those present that he often said that the theater is not a service and it should not entertain. Even in comedies there should be no vulgarity. The theater should deliver aesthetic pleasure and become an inoculation from cruelty and anger.

The capital’s artists brought five performances to Khabarovsk. Among them Shakespeare’s «Comedy of Mistakes», the drama «Fires», the comedy «The Patient.» For children, the theater of Alexander Kalyagin brought a magnificent fairy tale «The Royal Cow».


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