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Gift to the anniversary of Stephen Fry with miraculous healings and spiritual transformations


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MOSCOW. The screen adaptation of Hippo by Stephen Fry came out in Russian.

Almost a quarter of a century ago, Stephen John Fry wrote in The Hippopotamus that there are no more vicious people than the bearers of a moral mission. While those who are trapped in vice have the purest soul. The bearer of the standard English spirit, as they call it at home, is an excellent target for those wishing to take pictures. Atheism, addiction, manic-depressive psychosis, non-standard orientation, suicide attempts. An intolerant bouquet of virtues for the guardians of morality. «Very challenging. I would not take such. «

Those who prefer to delve into the subtleties of their own private life, leaving others with the right to an alternative worldview, other landmarks. The rejection of a talented person by the Pharisees is a good indicator. So, «good boots, you have to take.» For the adherents of this value system, Stephen Fry is the author of bestselling novels, ironic essays and documentary prose, a talented playwright, television and radio personality, an excellent actor with extensive filmography. Best Oscar Wilde of world cinema, unforgettable Jeeves, a great reader of audiobooks with impeccable English, voiced the whole «Harry Potter», an intellectual and wit, a blogger with millions of subscribers.

The painting «Hippo» by John Jencks (John Jencks) - a great gift for the anniversary of Fry. On August 24, the national British heritage will celebrate its 60th birthday. The idea to film an epistolary novel with the same name arose from the director for a long time and was realized at the first opportunity. The protagonist, deeply drinking ex-critic and poet Ted Wallace in the brilliant performance of a two-time winner of the Lawrence Olivier Award, Roger Allam (Roger Allam), can hardly be called a complete alter ego of the writer. But an invisible presence, a healthy cynicism and a Cheshire smile of the latter are clearly felt. I recognized myself in an unhappy character and I was very much sympathetic towards him, and the director himself.

Stalled Wallace agrees to the offer of a goddaughter to investigate a series of miraculous healings in the estate of the Logan family for a decent reward. The spectator is waiting for an unexpected ending, emotional transformations of heroes, food for thought, English humor and caressing intelligence Fry’s language.


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