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The confessional on wheels, the inventors of the cinema, the model in the ring


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NOVOSIBIRSK. At the opening of the festival «Victory. Doc «hosted the screening of the film» Platskart «by Rodion Ismailov.

Cinema «Victory», an honorary member of the association Eurimages, is an innovative filling in the shell of an architectural monument. The building of 1926 with an eight-columned portico retained not only a neo-classical look, but also a functional purpose. A variety of repertoire, equipment with the latest projection equipment, indispensable Dolby Digital Surround, 3D and 4K helped Pobeda to resist the onslaught of ultramodern multiplexes. In the «menu» of the seven-hall veteran with a young soul - a standard entertainment set with a pop-corn, premieres with the participation of stars, «author’s cuisine» for cinephiles: art house, national cinema weeks, broadcasts of sensational opera performances, programs for art lovers, summer concerts.

«Victory. Doc «is one of the numerous festivals of the cultural center. Documentary cinema is a mirror in which our life is reflected in pristine beauty and ineradicable ugliness. Ruthless, sometimes crooked, merciful, revealing, inspiring hope. Interest in the activities that represent it is stable. Especially if professionals take part in their organization. The creative team of «Victory», one of the oldest cinemas in Novosibirsk, is one of them.

July 13 at the opening of «Victory. Dock «the screening of the film» Platskart «was held. In two months he will take part in the main competition of the Perm Flahertiana. This is the last work of the graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Culture and Arts, ex-director of Deboshir Film-Studio, former president of the Independent Film Foundation Rodion Ismailov. The heroes of the tape are passengers of a reserved car of the train, following the endless route «Moscow-Vladivostok». They celebrate New Year in an unusual entourage, meet with schoolmates, go into isolation, forgetting about the daily routine, confess before occasional fellow travelers. The initiative of the former boss of RZD, who planned to send such cars to the dustbin of history in the near future, did not find support among the broad masses. Dear to the heart and the pocket of the impoverished population, they will for a long time still retain the status of the main accessible means of transportation for long distances.

These hostels on wheels are modernized, equipped with outlets, biotoilets, modern fire fighting and air-conditioning systems. The main thing will remain unchanged. The collective form of being without the right to seclusion, a nostalgic fragment of the old life, a confessional, an enforced and effective form of socialization.

During the month and a half the guests of the festival will get acquainted with the secrets of the Lost City (Chile), the history of the discoverers of the movie Lumieres! (France), will be amazed by the fantastic metamorphoses of the former model Chantal Ugi, who managed to heal the wounds in the boxing ring (the international co-production Chao, Dear, I’m going into battle «).


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