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The film of Olga Michi and Vadim Vitovtsev in defense of the African tribe won the festival in Germany


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LYUUDVIGSBURG. The Russian film about the Pygmy tribe won in one of the nominations of the festival Natur Vision.

The Natur Vision Festival, in which documentaries on the environment take part, has been held in Germany since 2002. His story began in the high-mountain village of Neuschonau, located next to the national park «Bavarian Forest». For 10 years the festival was one of the visiting cards of these places along with a fairytale path laid in the treetops. In 2012, Natur Vision moved to Ludwigsburg (Baden-Wurttemberg land), famous for Europe’s largest baroque palace complex.

This year the festival was held from 13 to 16 July. In one of the 13 nominations - Best Story Award - won the film directed by Vadim Vitovtsev and producer Olga Michi «Small People. Big Trees» about the pygmies of Baak. Mankind can miss the smallest people on the planet in the near future. Like many other tribes in Africa, South America, Asia, Australia. For this reason, professional travel photographer Michie prefers extreme travels through continents to lazy wanderings among monuments and ancient buildings. Many tribes are irretrievably «departing nature», the tragedy of which must be discussed, it is not too late.

The greatness of the «Black Continent» neutralizes natural fears and prejudices. Michie carefully prepares for trips, thinking out the little things, not ignoring the risks and dangers, without forgetting the rules and customs. Sincere interest, intuition and benevolence help her to find contact with the local population, avoid unforgivable mistakes. The main goal of the picture of Vadim Vitovtsev and Olga Michi is to reach out to those who are able to influence the end of inter-confessional conflicts in the Central African Republic, to prevent a chain of catastrophic interventions in the affairs of nature. Poaching and the destruction of forests in Central Africa led to a decrease in the number of forest elephants (Loxodonta cyclotis) by more than 60 percent. This situation entails a negative outlook on the survival of the nomadic tribe of the Baak Pygmies.

The linguist-ethnographer Louis Sarno (Louis Sarno), who passed away on April 1, 2017, rendered invaluable assistance in the work of the film crew. Sarno not only studied all aspects of the life of an amazing tribe for three decades. These people became for him native. Therefore, he did not stop beating the bells, worrying for their fate, until the last day of his life. «In the shadow of large trees» - a kind of tribute to the memory of this remarkable man.


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