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Where to watch the series Fizruk season 4 in good quality


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Fans of the sensational television series «Fizruk» look forward to the continuation of your favorite movie. A captivating and immediate plot is able to attract attention to the screens of the TV and the monitor of even sung skeptics. If it’s already interesting, what is it about, then you can see the Fizruk 4 season here The main thing is to set aside time and relax, because the film calls for this.

What is the series «Fizruk»?

The beginning of the movie tells about an explicit character from the «nineties» Oleg Fomine, nicknamed «Foma». In order to return the post of security chief with a successful businessman Viktor Nikolayevich Mamaev, the main character goes to the trick. He arranged a physical education teacher in a school where the daughter of businessman Alexander Mamaev is studying. And by coincidence, she begins to take care of her. But all this was in the first season.

The next two seasons showed the life of Oleg Fomin in development. Alexandra grew up and started bumping cones on her own, striving for adulthood. Sasha’s father dies, leaving her a huge fortune. But the efforts of a specialist for cashing Elena Belova all the money «lost» in offshore companies. This also changes the tasks of Thomas. His blood from the nose should be returned to the girl owed her the capital and not to disgrace the name of her father, to whom the newly-made fizruk and already part-time director of the school owes much.

In view of the youthful maximalism, Alexander does not always share the intentions of Oleg Evgenievich, often interfering with his goals.

What will be discussed in the new season?

Return of the television series «Fizruk» pleased many fans of this genre of serials. Easy comedy situation with elements of a real drama unfolding in the fates of ordinary people like our public. Cunning plans, which endlessly gush in the head of the main character, can not but rejoice with their ingenuity and originality. But the viewer is not only interested in listening to them, but also to see how Oleg will do it all. At the same time, he often finds himself in comic and even piquant situations. Reliable support and a fan of all his crazy ideas, Alex is always ready to support.

In the third part of the series, Thomas tried to return the state of Mamaia by connecting the first person in the state. But all efforts were in vain, since the guarantor was clearly not up to the decision of financial issues of Sasha’s girl. But the fizruk is not used to giving up. And in the new fourth season, it will just go about a new plan to return Mamaev’s capital, only in more original and sophisticated methods. For this Oleg Evgenyevich will try. Although Alexander will continue to be capricious, thereby inserting sticks into the wheels of the already dodging clever strategies. It will be interesting to see how the events of the film will develop in the fourth part.

Where without love?

Despite the image of an obvious brutal, Oleg is a thin and sensitive person. Literally from the first series of telesagi the theme of his interest to the teacher of literature Tatyana Chernyshova is generated. It is she who is the lady of a hard heart that can «melt away» literally from one smile of a beauty. A magnificent woman, clever and penetrating, just to become a visionary and inventive man. But there are circumstances that do not always add to the benefit of the couple and prevent them from being together.

At first it was a young man of Tatiana - an arrogant but very successful businessman Slavik. Later it was Thomas’s forced betrayal with Elena Belova, who put her hand to the embezzlement of Mamaia’s fortune. And then there’s the prison. And already in the third season, when it would seem all the tests for the lovers behind, it turns out that Tanya has a very persistent boyfriend. This is the publisher Sergei Serebryansky, who is clearly older than his lover, but very successful and not used to retreat. Despite the apparent superiority of Thomas, the teacher is tired of uncertainty and frustration, because she takes the courtship of Sergei, hoping thus to be healed of spiritual wounds.

In the fourth season of the spectator a new round of development of mutual relations of a couple in which serious passions are boiling expects. Who for the happy future of Tanya and Oleg can cross their fingers for good luck.


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