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In theaters of Russia, the documentary drama ’Zero World’ and ’Forgotten Leaders’


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In the cinemas of Russia, with the support of the RVIO, a rent of a series of documentary dramas entitled «Country of Soviets. Forgotten Leaders «and» Zero World «.

Documentary drama is a special genre of cinema based on real events and personalities. The cycle «Forgotten Leaders» and «Zero World» consists of 12 films and is intended for a wide spectator audience. Scenarios of films are developed on the basis of archival documents and declassified materials, with the support of leading Russian historians.

- Today it is especially important that we can calmly and deliberately speak the language of documentary film about what was not so long ago absolutely forbidden.The epoch about which we are speaking today is very contradictory and complex, including for perception.It’s easy to go to the movies when you are invited to the «easy genre», and it’s quite another to watch serious films that reveal not the most pleasant pages of our history.- said the head of the Department of Culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky.

The cycle «Forgotten Leaders» is dedicated to military commanders, state and party figures from the top leadership of the Soviet Union in the period from 1920 to 1953. Felix Dzerzhinsky, Kliment Voroshilov, Semyon Budenny, Vyacheslav Molotov, Andrei Zhdanov, Viktor Abakumov and Lavrentii Beria - 7 movie portraits tell about the lives of people who had a great influence on their era, but subsequently undeservedly forgotten in the memory of generations:

- When we talk about them, we hear the most contradictory opinions.Our task was to look at these people from a different angle.Not stamps, which are now filled with the media and the Internet, but constructively, without hiding the mistakes that they made, but also not forgetting their merit,«said research director RIOO Mikhail Myagkov.

The film «Zero World» narrates about the origins of the Crimean War of 1853-1856. The new document will allow us to take a fresh look at the confrontation of the Russian Empire with the allied forces of England, France, Turkey and the Kingdom of Sardinia, as well as assess the true extent of the world war of the powers for dominance in the vast expanses from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean.

This project is the result of the joint work of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Russian Military Historical Society, «First Channel» and the film company «StarMedia». In Moscow, films can be viewed in the Moskino cinema network: Kosmos, Iskra, Saturn, Polet, Salyut, Vympel. In the regions, film screenings began in Krasnoyarsk, Magadan, Chita and Chukotka.


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