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Not to wait, do not complain, change the world for the better


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MOSCOW. He has started accepting applications for participation in the festival of activist cinema.

Very young and not too long raspiarenny Documentary Film Festival «Happy Film» - a timely and important project. This is an opportunity to speak out and express yourself to people, able not only to a passive reflection. The life of any human being is not only because of global events and lowered by someone on top of decisions, but also of the daily actions, challenges and overcome them. From dream to make the world a better and more just to active measures and achieve the desired result - a single step.

Activist documentary film festival held in the capital since 2013. Film Topics covered several areas: civil rights and the environment, community and informal «white crow», street art, performances and public action. The life of the big city through the prism of history of active and caring people who do not complain, do not wait out tough times, but act. Festival «make films», in which the program includes film screenings followed by discussion of the works and the Marketplace, will be held April 20-23. Authors of the most interesting projects will be able to count on funding for future filming.

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