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Berlinale-2017 summed up, surprised and justified somebody’s hopes only partly


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BERLIN. Aki Kaurismaki became the best director at the completed film festival, but was left without the main prize.

Despite the unpredictability of Berlinale, which occasionally raises to Olympus not the best ribbons and does not notice the obvious masterpieces, in the verdict of the jury most of the cinephiles this year did not doubt. In the role of favorite and general favorite was this time Finn Aki Kaurismaki (Aki Kaurismaki), debuting in 2017 in the competitive program of the Berlin Film Festival. The film Toivon tuolla puolen («Beyond Hope») seemed an ideal contender for victory, combining the actuality of the plot, the irony and charm of the absurd. Kaurismaki opposes his picture to pessimists and opponents of the integration of millions of refugees into European society. He sees in this situation is not a catastrophe, like many, but a chance to show compassion and humanity. In this he is in agreement with Angela Merkel. The history of the Syrian Khaled, who became his own for the Finns who sheltered him, is seasoned with a corporate subtle humor, which is so fond of admirers of Kaurismaki creativity.

Toivon tuolla puolen is the second part of the trilogy about port cities, which may remain incomplete, since the owner of the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival in 2002 reported on the possible cessation of active work in the cinema due to accumulated fatigue. Forecasts for victory in Berlinale were justified only in part. Kaurismaki did not receive the coveted Golden Bear, but was declared the best director. The symbol of Berlin of the highest standard went to the arthaus tape A Testrol es Lelekrol («On the body and soul») of the Hungarian director Ildiko Enedi (Enyedi Ildiko). The main characters, lovers of each other in the slaughterhouse, see the same dreams in which they turn into deer. The owner of the Golden Globe, the famous Polish director and screenwriter Agnieszka Holland (Agnieszka Holland) won the Alfred Bauer Prize for the psychological thriller «The Beast Trail» (Pokot), awarded for innovation in art. The Grand Prix went to the social drama Felicite («Happiness») by Alain Gomis (Alain Gomis).


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