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The stories of great creators: the best films about cult artists

16/11/2017 Why one person can create a masterpiece, the other one is not even able to understand where the best artists seek their inspiration, what they have to pay for glory and universal recognition. The creators of the films presented in this collection tried to answer all these questions.

Nikita Mikhalkov presented the performance "Metamorphoses" in Nizhny Novgorod

15/11/2017 NIZHNY NOVGOROD. In the drama of. Gorky Nikita Mikhalkov presented the production of "Metamorphosis", consisting of nine fragments, included in the works of Chekhov and Bunin.

"Great tours" please the Kemerovo theater-goers all November

15/11/2017 KEMEROVO. Thanks to the project of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the theatergoers of Kemerovo in November had an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of famous theaters not only in Russia, but also abroad. The two-day tour of the theater from Yerevan already took place.

Classics of Soviet cinema. "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle"

05/11/2017 Probably, all Russians at least once in their lives watched the famous film "Only Old Men Are Going to Battle", which tells about hard military times.

The "Baltic Seasons" was attended by the Russian Drama Theater from Lithuania

22/10/2017 KALININGRAD. Within the framework of the "Baltic Seasons", the 14th time introducing Kaliningradians with the best works of art of various genres, the tour of the Russian Drama Theater of Lithuania was held in the city. For two days of his stay in Kaliningrad, Lithuanian artists managed to please the audience by showing popular performances "Zoykina apartment" and "Eugene Onegin".

Educating a viewer-like-minded person and creating a free cultural environment

25/09/2017 PERMIAN. Grand Prix «Flahertiana-2017» was given to «Calabria» by Pierre-Francois Sote.

In the first time, the International Festival of Small Forms ’Mizanscena’ was opened in Donetsk

19/09/2017 DONETSK. In Donetsk, the opening of the First International Festival «Mizanscene», the participants of which brought performances of small forms to the east of Ukraine. To gather the participants of the festival, the opening of which took place on the Small Scene of Donetsk Muzdrama on September 18, was made possible thanks to the active support of the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Democratic Republic and the head of the unrecognized republic, Alexander Zakharchenko.

Stories with a continuation from Helena Trestikova

19/09/2017 ST. PETERSBURG. At the festival «Message to Man» a retrospective of the films of the Czech documentalist Helena Trestikova began.

"Tea drinking in Mytishchi" - the 7th International Puppet Theater Festival

16/09/2017 Mytischi. For the fifth time in the Moscow region Mytishchi, the International Festival opened, which brought together puppet theater artists. At the opening of the festival, called «Tea Party in Mytischi», there were not only its participants, this time they came from eight countries.

A declaration of love, taken on a smartphone. Victory of Natalia Gurkina

16/09/2017 TORONTO. Lenta Natalia Gurkina Confession - winner of the jury prize of the festival of short films TIFFxInstagram Shorts Festival.

Nran hatik - a series about life and opposition to its hardships

15/09/2017 Some television series tell us how beautiful and unusual our life can be, but others, are aimed at something completely different. The new project Nran hatik belongs to the second category.

Theater them. The Moscow Soviet opened the jubilee season with the play ’Roman Comedy’

14/09/2017 MOSCOW. Theater them. The Moscow City Council meets the first spectators of the jubilee, the 95th season, with the play «Roman Comedy».

In the position of the stepsons, or the fate of the author’s cinema in Russia

10/09/2017 TAMBOV. The results of the audience voting at the IX festival of author short films «Artkino» are summed up.

Take over the ridge, patiently endure the tests and survive in Kansk

03/09/2017 KANSK. The results of the 16th International Video Festival have been summed up.

"Alexandrinsky" festival was opened with the performance of the Lithuanian National Theater "Heroes' Square"

01/09/2017 ST. PETERSBURG. The first day of autumn was the start of the international festival «Alexandrinsky». For the first time this theatrical holiday was held in 2006, when the festival «Alexandrinka» celebrated its 250th anniversary.

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