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The long-awaited return of Mieczyslaw Weinberg


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MOSCOW. Premiere of Mieczyslaw Weinberg and the opening of the International Forum.

Stravinsky announced by the main composer in 2017, will have a little to make room on the symbolic podium. Performing as if recollecting himself, one after another, offering operas Mieczyslaw Weinberg not only in Russia but also abroad. «Passenger» in the metropolitan New Opera and the Ekaterinburg Opera, «The Idiot» at the Bolshoi. on February 16 in Moscow, opened the International Forum of Mieczyslaw Weinberg, who will make a tangible contribution to the popularization of works by other composers. The forum will be held creative meetings, round tables, press conferences, exhibitions, concerts and performances.

For a long time, operas, symphonies, quartets, chamber works of the composer remained in the shadows. Too complex and tragic, according to officials from the art, it was his music. Even months spent in custody, did not contributed to the successful development of his career. During «Cases of doctors-wreckers» he was arrested the uncle of his first wife, Natalia, Miron Vovsi. Her father, the famous actor and director Solomon Mikhoels in 1948 was the victim of a political assassination. Accessories for this family during the unbridled anti-Semitic campaign was enough to end up in prison. From certain death Weinberg saved only Stalin’s death and intercession of the brave Dmitri Shostakovich.

For many Weinberg has long remained only a marvelous creator of music for feature films, documentaries and animated films. Suffice it to mention at least «The Cranes Are Flying» and «Winnie the Pooh.» Finally, the time has come for its classical heritage. The forum will be shown in two versions of the opera about Auschwitz «Passenger», which Shostakovich considered a masterpiece. In the Yekaterinburg Opera it premiered in September last year. The New Opera recently - in late January. Fresh Bolshoi, «The Idiot» - staged the famous Israeli director Yevgeny Arye.


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