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Reflections of Julian Barnes about painting with open eyes


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MOSCOW. The publishing house "Azbuka-Atticus" published Julian Barnes’s book "Open Your Eyes".

A delegation of British writers who visited the 18th Non / fiction intellectual fair last year also included the Booker Prize winner Julian Barnes. The formal reason for the visit was the cross year of language and literature of the two countries. The last Barnes book at the time - "The Sound of Time" - has become one of the top bestsellers of Non / fiction, and the story of its creation and the protagonist is the topic for lively discussions. Literary columnist of the influential The Guardian Alex Preston (Alex Preston) called the "Noise of Time" a masterpiece. The fate of a genius forced to enter into a dialogue with the authorities, to make compromises for the sake of the opportunity to create and illusory security guarantees for his loved ones, is an eternal, recurring history in the conditions of any totalitarian society. Do not lose relevance for Russia for the past 100 years.

Toward the end of the year, the publishing house "Azbuka-Atticus" published a collection of essays "Open the eyes" (Keeping an Eye Open: Essays on Art). In the UK, it was released in 2015, a year before the novel about Shostakovich. Paradoxical, well "flavored" with humor reflections on the artists, the evolution of painting and his own views on art. The heroes of the book are Cezanne, Manet, Freud and many others. Here, too, the first written story about painting - about the painting by Jerico "The Raft of Medusa" with an eerie story. Bright, subjective, dyed deeply personal reflections. So interesting.


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