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We must live, test, work for others. "NOS" on the islet of stability and sanity


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KRASNOYARSK. As a result of the debates at the recently completed fair KRYAKK, 10 authors were included in the short list of the "NOS" award.

Late October - early November - the traditional time of the Krasnoyarsk Book Fair. The 11th year KRYAKK remains an island of stability and sanity amid a total change of landmarks and frightening metamorphosis. Over the years, four governors have left the post in the province, its capital has become a millionaire city and the venue for the 2014 Winter Universiade. Founder KRYAKKa Irina Prokhorova, sadly state the change in the atmosphere in society, insists on the need to continue work in any conditions. "What to do, we must live,... patiently endure the trials, work for others" (AP Chekhov "Uncle Vanya").

The events of last year’s fair were devoted to the dialogue of traditions and modernity. In 2017 they talked about the relationship between culture and science. At the opening ceremony, readings of Lyubov Stryzhak’s play took place with the participation of professional actors and scientists. Within the framework of the KRYAKK held a lecture by Alexei Semikhatov on the secrets of the universe, journalist Vasily Vladimirsky and literary critic Maria Galina talked about the history and prospects of Soviet fiction. Guests of the fair could attend lectures of Galina Yuzefovich about the new Nobel Prize winner Kazuo Ishiguro, Alexandra Borisenko about the English school in literature, Grigory Kabatiansky about artificial intelligence, Dutch gerontologist Rudi Westendorp about aging without disease.

The presentations of the international online project The Babel Review of Translations, new books by Kirill Kobrin, artist Sasha Galitsky, Norwegian writer Andreas Tiernshaugen, a collection of Swiss plays from the publishing house "UFO". Writers’ speeches, multimedia exhibitions, film screenings, master classes and seminars were replaced with performances, installations, round tables. At KRYAKKe premiere of the book reviews show "Brodsky Cat" - an analogue of the intellectual conference TED, which promotes the dissemination of unique ideas and knowledge.

Young guests of KRYAKK could take part in quizzes, workshops, readings aloud, the game "Brainstormers" and quests on the books of the Finnish writer Siri Kola and "The History of the old apartment" by Alexandra Litvina and Anna Desnitskaya, to be on the reality TV show. The Novosibirsk branch of the Goethe Institute presented a virtual reconstruction of the abstract office of El Lisitsky, in the space of which you can navigate with any gadget.

On the traditional debate, a short list of the literary prize "NOS" was created, created by the charitable foundation Prokhorov to promote innovative literature. The name of the winner will be announced in January. Among the contenders for the main prize are the experimental "White Brush" by Stanislav Snytko, the post-modern "Ivan Auslender" by Herman Sadulayev, dedicated to the Russian intelligentsia. The tragic Zahhok of Vladimir Medvedev about the civil war in Tajikistan that broke out after the collapse of the USSR. Mystical and witty novel by Alexei Salnikov "Petrovs in the Flu and around it."

In the short list - seven more books. The rebellious and almost autobiographical novel by Olga Brainerer "There was no adderal in the Soviet Union". The history of survival, love, tragedy of exile in the novel "Inshalla. Chechen diary "by actress and playwright Anna Tugareva. A shrill novel is a parable about the inhabitants of a village that is located on the side of civilization, in which Russia is guessed - the novel by Andrei Filimonov "Tadpole and Saints". A futuristic novel about a cook using books for his culinary experiments - "Manaraga" by Vladimir Sorokin. The list is completed by Dmitri Glukhovsky’s dramatic thriller "The Text" and a collection of short stories by the notorious artist-actor Alexander Brener "The lives of murdered artists".


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