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Titan Renaissance, an outstanding scientist and a man


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LOS ANGELES. The literary critic, anthropologist, linguist Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov has died.

Ivanov was often compared with the Renaissance Titans. He is an outstanding linguist, co-founder of the Moscow-Tartu school of semiotics, an anthropologist, author of hundreds of articles, monographs, essays, poems, memoirs, manuals, works on asymmetry of bipolar brain work, fundamental research "Indo-European language and Indo-Europeans", many chapters of the famous encyclopedia "Myths of Peoples" peace ". A member of many societies and academies. Polyglot, in the luggage of which there were about two hundred languages, actively used, rare and known only from written monuments.

I was struck by the scale of his knowledge in various fields, as well as his boundless courage. Among those who, in addition to close people, had the greatest influence on the formation of his personality, Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich invariably called Pasternak. Creativity of Boris Leonidovich, with whom he was fortunate enough to get acquainted early enough, he considered a real anthem of life. Alternatives - to be near to the poet during the period of the persecution against him or to join the ranks of persecutors - for Ivanov did not exist. Later he will deliver an unmistakable diagnosis of ailment, the epidemic of which touched very many - a mixture of fear with the habit of adapting. "Patients" strayed into the pack, furiously tormenting the poet, forcing him to give up the prize, making it impossible to work normally.

Ivanov was not afraid to tell the truth at any time. "You look at life ethically," said Boris Slutsky at the time, urging him to treat her politically. Ivanov preferred not to change his convictions, in spite of serious threats and ostracism on the part of many colleagues. The payoff did not keep itself waiting. In 1958 he was expelled from the Moscow State University and became prohibited from leaving. The refusal to shout along with everyone to the address of the great poet "the black sheep", "literary weed", "bait on the rusty hook of anti-Soviet propaganda", "traitor", "did not read, but I condemn" was not the only sin.

The young scientist did not want to anathematize the works of Roman Jakobson, a literary critic, a linguist, and a researcher of the Russian avant-garde. Jacobson - the creator of phonology, allowed to determine the universals that make up the basis of any language. His studies of aphasia made a huge contribution to the study of speech pathologies, the invention of new ways of treating them, led to the creation of neurolinguistics. His work on metaphors and metonymy has found wide application in contemporary literary criticism.

In his works devoted to the fundamental aspects of the scientific concept of Jacobson, Ivanov defended the principles of free creativity and de-ideologization of linguistics. In the book "Chet and Odd. Asymmetry of the brain and sign systems, he explores the parallels between literary criticism and linguistics, allowing to restore lost speech functions and acquire new ones. An example of this is the use of Braille tactile font for teaching deafblind children.

In the list of books worth reading to everyone, Ivanov included "The Journey of the naturalist around the world on the ship" Beagle "by Charles Darwin, the works of Rabelais, Einstein, Sterne, Cervantes, Blok, Rilke, Pushkin, Mandelstam. Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich spoke highly of the books of the new Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro.


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