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Russian nominees for the Astrid Lindgren Prize in anticipation of the verdict of the jury


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STOCKHOLM. In the list of applicants for the Astrid Lindgren Award, there are applicants from Russia.

The first owner of the Astrid Lindgren Prize in 2003 was the writer and artist Maurice Sendak. Laureate of 2017 - Wolf Erlbruch (Wolf Erlbruch) from Germany. Litteraturpriset till Astrid Lindgrens minne is annually awarded to writers, artists, publishers, libraries. The main criterion - the creativity of the nominees should correspond to the spirit and philosophy of the works of Astrid Lindgren. Freedom, humanity, equality, non-violence, the education of a whole person outside corporal punishment, familiarization with universal values, peaceful coexistence and a dignified life for all who live on the earth.

In the list of applicants for the victory in the new season there are names of Russians. Artists Anna Desnitskaya, Anastasia Arkhipova, Alexander Traugot and writer Nina Dashevskaya. One of the participants of the competition is the RGDB, the world’s largest children’s library.

Nina Dashevskaya - professional musician, violinist of the Orchestra of the Children’s Music Theater. Natalia Sats. Parallel to the musical, her literary career also successfully develops. In 2009, she became the author of the illustrated children’s magazine Kukumber. In 2011, her first book was published - "The Seven Low Gnomes." The multiplication table in verses and pictures. " Most of the works are awarded with literary prizes: the Krapivin International Prize for the novel "Willy", the I place in the contests "New Children’s Literature" and "Kniguru" for the collection "Near the Music". In the sixth season, "Kniguru" Nina Dashevskaya again won the first prize for the story "I’m not a brake." In October 2017, "I’m Not a Brake" came in the prestigious list of "The White Crows of 2017" by the International Munich Youth Library.

The main character of the book is a hyperactive teenager with attention deficit disorder. He rushes through life with great speed, having time to help "in flight" to those who need it. Close and completely unfamiliar people. For the author Ignat is a hero of our time, capable of empathy, not fixated on himself. His kindness materializes in deeds. Difficulties do not muffle the inner light and positive attitude to life in it.

The new book is Vivaldi. Seasons "- about music, which is" audible "in each of her works. Dashevskaya is close to the Swiss system of development of the child’s abilities in this field. Education of the individual, the lack of differentiation in the degree of giftedness, the promotion of even the smallest achievements, the formation of the need for listening to classics, interest in it, becoming familiar with the world culture.

Alexander Traugot - patriarch of children’s book illustration. His first graphic works were called "Blockade cycle." The tragedy of the great city through the eyes of a teenager, a witness and participant in events. Alexander Georgievich - representative of the famous creative dynasty. Artists Georgy Traugot, his sons Valery and Alexander designed about two hundred books: the works of Bulgakov, Apuleius, Perro, Hoffmann, Andersen. Last 15 years, Traugot lives in Paris.

Anastasia Arkhipova is a laureate and a jury member of various competitions, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, author of illustrations for Andersen’s tales, Grimm Brothers, works of Dickens, Cervantes, Moliere, Goethe. Arkhipova is also a representative of the creative dynasty. Her grandfather, Boris Dekhterev, from 1945 to 1977 worked as the main artist of the publishing house "Children’s Literature".

Anna Desnitskaya - a talented artist, boldly experimenting, using in his work a variety of techniques. In her illustrations with lots of details, details and nuances, history comes alive, it gets closer. "Aliens from the Egyptians" by Eduard Shenderovich, "Two trams" of Osip Mandelstam, "Metro on earth and underground", "Look - I’m growing" by Boris Almazov. In each of these books the material world of this or that epoch is represented. Its reconstruction requires scrupulous study of artifacts, old photographs. "The history of the old apartment" with Desnitskaya’s illustrations was awarded the International Biennale of Children’s Book Illustration in Bratislava - Golden Apple. "Scooter" is preparing to release the fourth edition of "History".


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