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Festival "Pushkin in Britain" culminated in the victory of Galina Lazareva from Australia


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LONDON. To us the whole world is a stranger. Push to travel abroad in Britain.

From the change of places the soul does not change. Far from home, she becomes sharper. Rethinking the old values is not synonymous with oblivion. Big is seen from a distance. The focus becomes sharper, the secondary husk disappears.

Pushkin dreamed of seeing the world all his life. But after the words "You, your throne I hate" and the "eternal law above you", travel could be forgotten forever. A boomerang for biting epigrams, liberal ideas, friendship with the Decembrists, the reputation of an atheist and freethinker became obstacles to censorship, prohibition of publications, police surveillance, and the status of non-residents. On requests for permission to travel abroad - a permanent refusal.

The descendants of Alexander Sergeevich were much more fortunate. They can be found not only in Russia, but also in France, the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Hawaii, England. The British branch of the rebellious Pushkin family is related to the Windsors and the Romanovs. The great-great-great-grandson of the poet Hugh Grosvenor (Hugh Richard Louis Grosvenor) is the 7th Duke of Westminster, the youngest billionaire of Foggy Albion. His mother, Natalia Grosvenor, is the godfather Prince William. Hugh himself is the godfather of his son George. Aunt Hugh - the Duchess of Abercorn is the founder of the Pushkin Prize for schoolchildren. Another aunt - Lady Marita Georges Phillips (first husband - Crawley) - the founder of the London Pantomime Center, author of tests of songs, musicals, books The Dream Dealer. She composed the libretto of the opera "PUSHKIN - Poet and Tsar", which premiered at the Moscow "New Opera" on February 4, 2017.

London became the venue for another remarkable festival connected with the poet’s name - "Pushkin in Britain". This year it was held for the 15th time. His main idea and goals remain unchanged: the popularization of Alexander Sergeevich’s creativity, the promotion of Russian culture in Europe, the search for talented poets among representatives of the Russian diaspora in different countries. The author of the project and his permanent organizer is a graduate of Gorky Literary Institute, poet, prose writer, collector Oleg Borushko.

The festival is a discussion, round tables, poet-jams, poetry reading in Trafalgar Square. The main event is the Poets’ Tournament, during which the king or queen of the poets of the Russian emigre is determined. In one of the three poems in the finale should sound Pushkin’s line. The theme of the current tournament is "We have a whole world of strangers...".

The triumphant "Pushkin in Britain" in 2017 was Galina Lazareva from Australia. Moving to a distant continent, she "forced" happy changes in her personal life. A professional translator from Moscow left for her husband, an Australian writer and a journalist who does not know Russian. Lazareva’s essay on the temptations and pitfalls of another world, on the barriers to mutual understanding. In 2010, Galina already became the winner of "Pushkin" in the category "translator". This year, "a little poet", as she calls herself, won 1st place, a bronze statuette of Pushkin, a spectator’s prize, a special ambassador of the Russian ambassador to the United Kingdom, a trip to Jaipur. Second place - in Anastasia Vinokurova from Nuremberg. The prize of the memory of Catherine Geniyeva is from Tatiana Yufit from Great Britain.


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