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British writer Kazuo Ishiguro - the new winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature


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STOCKHOLM. Unexpected triumph of the "dark horse", to which everyone was delighted.

"A dark horse, which no one could think of, triumphantly rushed past the tribunes" (Benjamin Disraeli "The Young Duke"). Kazuo Ishiguro turned out to be such a strong candidate whose chances of winning were not discussed either by bookmakers or experts. Joker, who was on the pedestal instead of the long-term stepson of the fortune of Haruka Murakami, ahead of the Nobel race of the Syrian Adonis, Kenyan Ngugi wa Thiongho, Canadian Margaret Atwood, Frenchman Milan Kundera and 190 other contenders.

The positive reaction of the readers and the approval of the literary community confirmed the unerring choice of the jury. The potential of one of the best writers of Britain was evident from the very beginning of his literary career. From the publication of the first stories - Getting Poisoned, Waiting for J, A Strange and Sometimes Sadness, included in the anthology of works by novice authors, before the publication of the novel about the native city of the writer Nagasaki "Where in the Hills of the Hills" was only a year. A View of Hills Pale was named the book of the year and received the prize of the Royal Literary Society.

Further - on increasing. Whitbread Book Award - for the "Artist of the Fluctuating World" (An Artist of the Floating World). Man Booker Prize - for The Remains of the Day. Newspaper Guardian repeatedly included the novel "At the end of the day" in the list of books required for reading. The screen version of the story of the elderly butler was also very successful. The Remains Of The Day, with great acting roles by Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, received awards at various festivals, numerous nominations for Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, Goya.

One of Ishiguro’s most famous novels - the anti-utopia "Never Let Me Go", which tells about cloning people for medical purposes - entered the list of 100 best novels of all time written in English. The image of a girl clinging to the breast an old world, kind and irrevocably leaving under the onslaught of a new, more rigid reality, was understandable and close to the reader anywhere in the world.

The collection of short stories Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall (partly the sublimation of Ishiguro’s dream of a musician’s career. About it eloquently reminds guitars in his house, tests of songs for several albums, including those nominated for Grammy, jazz singer Stacey Kent (Stacey Kent), a mesmerizing melody of his language. The last novel - a fantastic parable "Buried Giant" (The Buried Giant) - about medieval England.

Ishiguro works, avoiding samopovtorov, changing genres, more and more plunging the reader into an emotional "abyss under an illusory connection with the world." Constant - metaphorical images, reflection, deep psychology. His family came to Surrey from Nagasaki in 1960, when talented oceanographer Shizuo Ishiguro was invited to work at the Institute of Oceanography. We thought that for a while, it turned out - forever. Therefore, in the impeccable English of one of the best writers of Foggy Albion, there is so clearly a note of Japanese restraint.


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