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Brother of song trouble. Opening of Yesenin Center in Moscow


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MOSCOW. «Yesenin Center» was opened in the poet’s museum in Chernyshevsky Lane.

In the house number 24 on Bolshoy Strochenovsky lane for many years lived Yesenin’s father, and until 1918 - and Sergei Alexandrovich himself. In 1995 the memorial museum of the poet was opened in this building. After 9 years, a bas-relief with a portrait of Yesenin appeared on the historic building in Chernyshevsky Lane, 4. The former owner of the manor, designed by the architect Geppener was Karl Augustovich Meyer, a successful entrepreneur, owner of a chain of galoshes shops. At the beginning of the last century, the Surikov Literary Circle was regularly held in the house wing. A frequent guest of creative «get-togethers» in 1912 was Sergei Yesenin.

After reconstruction, the Meyer Manor opened its doors in the status of a branch of the main exposition. On October 3, these walls celebrated not only the poet’s 122-year anniversary, but also the birth of Esenin Center. Its concept involves holding exhibitions, performances, creative evenings. Organizers plan to turn the center into an accessible site for talented poets from different regions, to give them the opportunity to express themselves in full voice. The guests of the museum will have an opportunity to learn more about the history of Russian literature.

On the birthday of the poet, a presentation of the project of the actor MKhT Anatoly Bely «Kinopoesia» and the opening of the art exhibition «Yesenin NEW. Earlier there was an evening of memory of Sergei Kuryokhin. For the cinephiles, the demonstration of the tape by Dziga Vertov «The Eleventh» was organized. The film, almost unknown to the general public, was published on a physical medium only at the end of the first decade of the 21st century.

It is still difficult to talk about the attitude of the writers of the modern formation to the new focus of culture. Whether it can become a platform for free statements, a space free from censorship, will become clear a little later. Will there be a true version of the death of the poet, called Tsvetaeva’s brother in song mischief in the poetic prophecy of 1926, dispelled the ridiculous myths, archived documents shedding light on riddles and inconsistencies? Time will tell.


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